5 Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms5 Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms

To trade Bitcoins you will have to sign up with a reputed and reliable Bitcoin trading platform. First-timers may be confused about how to start trading Bitcoins; whether to transfer money from bank accounts and then convert this to BTC. Usually, the best cryptoexchanges are those which offer cold storage, dual-factor authentication, and safe wallets, a user-friendly interface, and access to a variety of coins like Bitcoins and altcoins.

Best Bitcoin trading platforms for you:

  1. EToro: This is perfect for traders seeking ETF trades and zero-commission stocks. EToro is known for its efficient platform and copy trading feature. You can access as many as 16 different coins and crypto transaction fees are nominal; but, you can withdraw your coins only through an eToro wallet. Besides crypto investing, his is known for “social trading” because it lets you copy or emulate trades of successful traders. It is a good place to start trading Bitcoins as you can learn strategies from the experienced traders, grow your knowledge, and diversify your investments. You also get to know about trading apps like bitcoin code app when you transact with EToro. The automation technology is booming in cryptocurrency trade.
  2. TradeStation: It is known for supporting casual traders through its online platform. Active traders can benefit from its excellent desktop platform. Using TradeStation you can buy, trade, and sell, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, etc. Users can access many tools through its platform suite, including web-based, mobile, and desktop versions. With this platform, you get 3 trade platforms, namely, TradeStation desktop or the brand’s flagship product, TS Crypto for crypto trading exclusively, and Web Trading for traders who want simplicity.
  3. Coinbase: This is by far the most popular cryptoexchange for Bitcoin trading based in the US. Coinbase came about in 2012, following Bitcoin’s release in 2009 and is now a licensed and fully-regulated trading platform. It caters to users across more than 40 states in the US alone. You can get access to a user-friendly interface, a wide range of altcoins, and high liquidity. Have a look at Bitcoin insider news to know about the latest Bitcoin market conditions. The site also you provides you information about the cheapest Bitcoin exchange to start your trade with minimal investment. Coinbase so far has been spared of any cryptoexchange hacks and fraudulent coins. It offers custodial wallets for traders to keep their funds; these have insurance protection against data breaches. Newcomers will find such wallets most useful but private keys are held by the platform, not the user.
  4. Gemini: It was created in 2015 by Winklevoss twins and is now a licensed cryptoexchange catering to both institutions and individuals. Users can buy, sell, and store their Bitcoins, Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, and Bitcoin Cash and also the Gemini dollar. Gemini has earned popularity for its focus on security measures and transparency; it values customer protection. It also provides FDIC protection for USD deposits. This easy-to-use platform has not been hacked hitherto and this shows its commitment to deploying stringent security norms. It supports more than 12 digital currencies apart from having industry-leading security regulations.
  5. Kraken: It is one of the earliest cryptoexchanges for Bitcoin trading, having an impressive collection of tokens and coins to choose from. Kraken is one of the very few platforms which lets you trade in risky coins like the DOGE. It is known for being a reliable and secure trading platform even though the coin selection is limited for US users. This US-based exchange lets you trade from fiat to crypto directly. You can earn rewards through Kraken for staked coins and this platform even encourages futures trading and margin trading.